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We support local business in (or focused on) Cape Town with tweets. 

Free Option:
Join us today and we list your Twitter handle and bio for FREE, and then tweet about it. 
The directory lives on our mimiCapeTown website & you are introduced to followers @CapeTown (currently, 62 000) with a shout-out from our Twitter account.

Your information will NOT be shared with 3rd Parties for direct marketing purposes, but providing your phone number gives the community manager permission to contact you via SMS if necessary. Leave this field open if you do not wish to receive any SMSes.

Commercial Option:
IMPORTANT NOTE: With the numerous requests for promotional tweets, a monthly affiliation fee is a great way to filter all the requests and pay more attention to those registering here. It helps me to decide in a fair way which businesses to introduce to followers - if you opt to enlist, it shows that (1) your brand recognises the value of endorsement by our influential @CapeTown account in Twitter, and (2) you understand that tweets done right, could be the best marketing tool in this day and age.

Selecting any of the paid options (beyond the free listing) is also a cost-effective way to associate with the @CapeTown account and get your handle and brand seen by many more than once. There are various other promotional options available, so select one in the form below that will work best for you. Update: To avoid spamming my followers, we limit this offer to a handful businesses at a time.

Let's talk about you in Twitter with my followers from as little as R350 per month (Friend option). This is a good start, and I believe you will find soon that the value of introducing your business in this way exceeds other forms of advertising. Read more about our Offer on the curator's website. Then go right ahead and select one of the following OPTIONS when completing the form below:

- Free Listing > One ShoutOut tagged #capeAdvert
- 1st Try (Recommended) > 6 Tweets, Logo placement - reference: @KalkBayTheatre
- #capeFriend > 12 Tweets, Logo Placement - reference: @CapeTownMag
- #capeHero > Long-term Monthly Affiliate & commit for a 6 to 12 months - reference: @AfriHost
- GiveAway/Competitions > 30 Tweets, Blog Post Promo - reference: @EntertainerZA
- Freelance Content Curation > Ask for a Quote - reference: @mimiboard

Yes, I can also manage Twitter/FaceBook accounts on your behalf - which means even more exposure as social media would become an extension of your marketing efforts. If you are interested in a dedicated freelance monthly service - from R2000/month - contact me directly for references and ideas.

Become an affiliated business of @mimiCapeTown and gain more exposure.  PS: If you listed before, use this opportunity to update your details please.
Thanks a lot!

You will find me tweeting about content curation and random stuff @iAmnotMany and more information on my website:


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